My name is HB and woodworking has been a hobby of mine for over 25 years. Professionally I was a mechanical engineer for 43 years, but now my passion and time has shifted toward creating custom furniture and woodworking projects.

I first got into woodworking out of necessity … I wasn’t going to pay 5 times more than something’s worth if I could just build it myself! I had made a desk and some cabinets with my father when I was young, but my first big project later on in life was a swingset for my son and daughter.


Now, a couple decades later, some of the design work is done by my son and he also helps out a bit around the shop. I can see it becoming a passion of his and it’s great to share it with him. We’re always looking for a fun new project to challenge ourselves and further expand our capabilities as creators.


We’ve done projects for family, friends, neighbors and many clients in the area. Locally, you can see our work at Keowee Brewing and G’s Pizza House in downtown Seneca. We’re not limited to just South Carolina though, as we’ve had clients pick up furniture and take it to Georgia and as far as Florida and West Virginia.


It’s always very rewarding to take an idea, and through our process of designing, building and finishing, bring that idea to life. Click below to see some of the woodworking projects we’ve built.